3 Common Blunders Made By DIY Landscapers

3 Common Blunders Made By DIY LandscapersMany DIY landscapers end up ruining their yards and decreasing the value of their properties. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the most common mistakes made. These range from subtle errors that negatively impact the aesthetics of your yard, to miscalculations that have practical consequences.

  1. Not Having a Plan: Many DIY landscapers use helter-skelter designs – a tree is planted somewhere simply because there’s room for it at the time. Ideally, a design should start from scratch by drawing a plan for the entire yard, and sticking to it.
  2. Failing to Irrigate: If you’re like most DIY landscapers, you love having plants, flowers and trees in your yard, but you also like to travel during the holidays. So who waters the yard while you are away? Maybe a relative or friend can come to the rescue, but why take a chance? The answer is to have a professional landscaping company install an automatic irrigation system.
  3. Not working with what’s there: Does your yard get a lot of shade? Or is it rocky? Or maybe the problem is scorching summertime heat that punishes everything in its path? Sometimes the terrain you inherited when you bought your house can be successfully fought – for example, building a retaining wall on a slope to combat erosion. But sometimes, it’s better to go with the flow and work with what’s there.

This is where professional landscapers come in – they have great design ideas. Speak to an expert in your area. Not only will he give you advice, but he’ll be more than willing to give you a free landscaping estimate.


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