How to Take Care of Sod

How to Take Care of SodIf watering and fertilizing your lawn is not enough to keep it healthy, you should consider laying sod. Sod is rolled pieces of planted lawn and can really improve the look of your grass. Here are some tips on how to take care of sod.

  • Fertilize It Soon – It is very important to fertilize the sod soon after you install it. In fact, you should not wait more than two weeks to apply fertilizer. Don’t use a chemical fertilizer because it can burn the sod. Instead, use an organic fertilizer.
  • Follow a Strict Water Schedule – If you want your sod to stay in good shape, you have to follow a strict water schedule. If you installed the sod in warm weather, you should water it two times a day for the first three days. If you installed sod in cold weather, you should water it two times a day for the first two days. Once the sod is rooted, you can slowly decrease the amount of watering sessions.
  • Apply Fungus Control – If you installed sod in the fall, spring or summer, you should consider applying fungus control. Fungus is more likely to occur during these seasons and can really ruin your lawn.

If you take good care of your sod in the beginning, your lawn is more likely to stay healthy for a long time.


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