Have You Considered Installing Sod Instead of Seed?

SodIf you’d like to get a head start on the luscious lawn that you’ve been dreaming about, have you thought about installing sod instead of growing seed? Although the initial outlay may be more expensive, sod is a perfect shortcut to getting gorgeous grass.

For best results, have the job done by a professional landscaping company. To prepare for sod installation, they will do the following:

  • Measure the dimensions of the area where sod is to be installed in order to calculate how many squares or rolls you need to buy.
  • Prepare the area carefully and use an herbicide, then remove any patches of scraggly grass.
  • Get rid of roots, tree stumps, dirt clods, large stones and other debris. The site will be raked level, and if necessary, graded to ensure good drainage.
  • If the soil is highly compacted, it will be aerated.
  • Test the soil. The results will reveal if any amendments are needed to obtain the mildly acidic, nutrient-rich soil that sod loves. If there’s a large amount of clay or sand, they will incorporate organic matter, such as compost.
  • Set up your irrigation system and tell you to water the soil a day or two before the date of sod installation.
  • Be ready to install the sod when it is delivered to your home.

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