A Good Landscaper Is Worth His Weight in Gold

A Good Landscaper Is Worth His Weight in GoldA knowledgeable landscaper can transform the most dull, flat, boring piece of land into a rolling, lush outdoor space with a multidimensional, refreshing ambiance. On the other hand, an ignorant landscaper might pollute your garden with pesticides that can cause a plethora of diseases, or create a garden that looks good for a week, and then swiftly dies.

A good landscaper is worth his weight in gold, but you should know how to find one and what your needs are.

Write down everything you want done. Maybe your landscaping needs are rather simple – mowing the lawn, watering the grass and planting a few flowers. Or they may be more elaborate – overhauling the yard completely and replacing it with a brand new design comprising of flowers, trees, water features and even a veggie garden. Be clear about your needs and how often you want your garden to be professionally maintained. Also budget what you can afford for a landscaper.

Schedule an appointment with a recommended and reputable company for a consultation visit. A landscaper will visit your home, evaluate your yard and give you a free landscaping estimate on what you want done.

Ask the prospective landscaper questions, including how experienced his employees are, how long it will take to finish the job, and if he has liability insurance. Also ask him for at least 3 references, and follow up on them. Ask each person what they were charged, what type of work was done, how long did it take, and if were they satisfied.

With this information, choose your landscaper based on recommendation, experience, price and how well he answered your questions.


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