It’s Time to Start Thinking About Lawn Care for Spring Time

lawn careIf you neglect lawn care after winter, you might end up regretting it for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, spring lawn care doesn’t just involve pushing the mower around every few weeks. Obviously mowing is required, but the first task of spring lawn care is raking. Okay, we know you raked all the leaves in fall, but sorry, raking is more than that – it’s needed to control thatch as well. A build-up of thatch that’s more than ½” is considered excessive.

Thatch is the reason why we recommend that, while you’re raking the leaves in fall, you rake deeply. Don’t only remove the leaves by skimming the surface. Deep raking allows you to kill two birds with one stone; you’ll remove the thatch too. Even if you did this in fall, we still recommend spring raking because it will remove blades of grass that died in the winter. Dead blades will become thatch!

If your lawn has to tolerate high levels of traffic, it may start showing signs of decline. If it does, it’s probably suffering from compacted soil. Aeration is the lawn care remedy for compaction. Apart from compaction, the presence of moss also indicates acidity. Because grass likes a neutral pH, you can solve this problem by liming the soil. However, don’t expect an instant fix; the benefits of liming occur slowly.

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