Did You Know Different Kinds of Sods Need Different Types of Lawn Care?

lawn careOnce you’ve realized that there are different types of sod – yes, there are different types of sod – you can prepare to help your sod take root and become the beautiful lawn you wish it to be. But in order to help it remain healthy, lush, and green, you must know more about lawn care.

Sod is laid while in its peak condition and in order to take root, usually just needs time, sunlight, and occasional watering. But after it has taken root and become your lawn, it will require more lawn care to maintain its healthy state.

Some types of sod grow faster than others, which will require mowing and edging more often. Olathers need more water, more fertilization, or more aeration. You are probably familiar with all these services, but how do you know which type of sod you have and what it needs?

Here at Evolve Professional Landscape Management we not only offer services that will help you choose the type of sod you want, but also we offer services that prepare the area before sodding and laying the sod for you. Then we offer lawn care services to help you maintain that lush, green look you wished for your landscape.

Before planting grass or laying sod it is always best to talk to a professional about which is best for your area and the landscape design you want. Our professional landscapers are happy to share their knowledge and take care of the dirty work for you. They will also instruct you in lawn care as well as provide the lawn care services you are going to need. Call us today, before you spend money on sod or grass that you are not quite sure how to best care for and maintain.