What Does a Landscaper Do?

What Does a Landscaper Do?If you want to improve the look of your outdoor living area but aren’t sure how, you should think about hiring an experienced landscaper. A landscaper is an expert in designing and creating outdoor living spaces. Here are some of the things a landscaper does:

  • Design – A landscaper designs the outdoor living spaces for businesses, homes and other areas. Before he decides what should be added to the outdoor living space, he will examine the size and layout of the area. Then he will choose which features would look good with the area. For example, he might think it is a good idea to build a pond in the backyard or add some more trees to increase shade.
  • Installation & Maintenance – After a landscaper installs all of your new landscaping features, he must maintain it. For example, a landscape artist could be hired to mow the lawn on a weekly basis or apply fertilizer twice a year.
  • Pest Control – A landscaper can also be hired for pest control. If there are a lot of weeds, insects or other pests in your yard, the landscaper will get rid of them safely.

As you can see, a landscaper can do a lot for your outdoor living area. If you are thinking about expanding your outdoor living area, it is a wise move to give a landscape artist a call. He can turn your outdoor living area into a masterpiece!


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