Using a Landscaping Contractor for Tree Pruning

Using a Landscaping Contractor for Tree PruningWe’ve all seen it– a neighbor taking to the trees in his front yard with a ladder, a pair of pruning shears and a lot of gusto and leaving the poor trees naked and exposed to the elements. It’s not long before we see said neighbor back out with a ladder, a little less enthusiasm, and a chainsaw, leaving a sad little stump where a beautiful tree once stood. While pruning may seem like an easy enough task, consider hiring a landscaping contractor from Evolve Professional Landscape Management next time your trees are getting a little full for your liking.

A landscaping contractor is an arborist who specializes in the treatment on trees and knows how frequently they will need pruning. Hiring one of our landscaping contractors to prune your trees can improve the overall appearance, health and safety of your trees. A beautifully and properly pruned tree can add much to your home, both in appearance and equity. However, an un-pruned tree can become a dangerous liability very quickly. Our landscaping contractors know how to prune your trees based on the particular tree type, the location of the tree, and the overall climate and conditions of your area.

Our landscaping contractors also come with licenses and insurance that your neighbor with the pruning shears doesn’t have. We can provide you with free estimates for your pruning project, and we will walk you through the steps and discuss with you how you would like the finished pruned tree to look. Contact our professionals at Evolve Professional Landscape Management today to hire a landscaping contractor that will meet your needs.