We can perform a variety of landscaping services to keep your Auburndale, FL property looking nice.

If you have a home or business in beautiful, sunny Auburndale, Florida, our pros at Evolve Professional Landscape Management can perform landscaping services to keep your property looking nice.

  • Lawn Care: A green lawn will improve your property’s value and appearance, and make the warm summer weather here in Auburndale, Florida more enjoyable.  When you choose the type of grass you want, consider a type that is more drought-resistant if you prefer a lower-maintenance lawn.
  • Landscaping: Many commercial properties hire a landscaper, lessening the burden on the business owner. At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we offer routine maintenance and care of your landscaping at fair prices that will fit in your budget.
  • Tree Service: Most landscaping experts recommend hiring a tree service to come out routinely and check for any signs of problems with your current trees. At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, our tree experts can remove stumps or trees if the roots are growing into plumbing, the trees are diseased, or if they are causing any other problems.
  • Irrigation: Save on water costs with trees, flowers, and shrubs that won’t require frequent watering. You can also cut back on irrigation costs by turning off the system whenever it rains in Auburndale, Florida. Since rainfall in this area of the region is prominent, you can utilize this water to keep plants healthy.
  • Sod: This is often used on residential properties, but you have probably also seen experts laying sod at sporting arenas and golf courses. Sod prevents soil erosion and is easy to install and repair.
  • Concrete Services

    Concrete Services, Auburndale, FL

    We offer a number of different concrete services to both residential and commercial clients in the Auburndale, FL area. Concrete is a paste made from crushed rocks and water. A chemical reaction allows the concrete to harden over time, and leaves behind a material that is strong and durable. Ideal for use outdoors, concrete does(...) Read More
  • 100881468-Rockscaping, Auburndale FL

    Rockscaping, Auburndale, FL

    Rockscaping is one of the techniques we suggest if you want a beautiful yard for your Auburndale, FL home but don’t want to spend hours maintaining it. The City of Auburndale website purports that “Auburndale is a wonderful place to live, work & play,” and the residents of this beautiful city would not argue with(...) Read More
  • Tree Service, Auburndale, FL

    In addition to tree trimming, our tree services also include removing dead or undesired trees from your Auburndale, FL property. Of all the things that grow on this planet, trees must be the most incredible, and as such, they are a cherished component of most Auburndale, Florida landscapes. In fact, most homeowners would feel their(...) Read More
  • Irrigation, Auburndale, FL

    We understand the exact irrigation needs of everything in your Auburndale, FL yard, from the grass to the bushes to the trees. There are a number of duties every homeowner recognizes as being important when it comes to maintaining their home. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with both interior and exterior maintenance(...) Read More
  • Sod, Auburndale, FL

    We provide sod, plants, and many other types of landscaping services to properties in Auburndale, FL. Sod is a great alternative to planting grass seeds, since you can simply unroll the grass and soil and lay it out on the ground where you want a lawn. There are various options for types of grasses that(...) Read More
  • Lawn Care, Auburndale, FL

    Lawn care tips for your Auburndale, FL home. Caring for your lawn is the best way to keep it looking healthy and green. One tip for excellent lawn care is to make sure the irrigation is set up to water it efficiently. If you live in a rainy and tropical atmosphere, such as Auburndale, Florida,(...) Read More
  • Landscaping, Auburndale, FL

    We can help you create a landscaping design that will attract friendly wildlife and increase your Auburndale, FL home’s curb appeal. As the population of Auburndale, Florida continues to grow, a substantial portion of wildlife habitats is being destroyed. However, the various and diverse population of animals and insects can be very beneficial to your(...) Read More