Our team installs concrete foundation slabs in Auburndale, FL efficiently for an affordable price.

Concrete Foundation SlabsConcrete foundation slabs are commonly used beneath residential and commercial properties. A foundation helps to absorb the weight of a structure and transfer that weight to the ground below. At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we offer installation of concrete foundation slabs for those in and around Auburndale, Florida.

There are many advantages to having this type of foundation beneath your office or home. For instance, if conditions permit, we can build the slab on top of undisturbed soil after removing the top soil layer. As a result, installation is cheaper than other types of foundations.

When you have a crawlspace foundation, it is more common to have rodents and bugs get under the building, since it is a cool space with room to build nests. Additionally, if a flood happens because of a leaking toilet or faulty water heater, the materials that comprise the foundation may start to rot.

One of the main reasons why people choose concrete foundation slabs for their properties is because of the excellent installation. With one of these foundations, you can save money on both heating and cooling costs as the weather changes. If you are building a new property or have a foundation with cracks or other damage, contact our team of concrete professionals for more information. We can replace concrete or pour new slabs for both residential and commercial customers within our service area. The best part is that we do it in an efficient manner for an affordable price.


We serve the Polk County, Florida area, including Auburndale, Lakeland, Fort Meade, Mulberry and Winter Haven.