Our professional team repairs and installs concrete walkways throughout the Auburndale, FL area.

Concrete WalkwaysA walkway allows people to walk through a landscaped area without damaging the plants surrounding it. Here in Auburndale, Florida, we have pleasant weather throughout much of the year, so many people enjoy spending time outdoors as much as possible. When you have concrete walkways that lead to areas of your yard, such as to the front and back doors, to a pool area, or to a playground or other play area, you can keep people off the grass or plants while still being able to move throughout the outdoor space easily.

Concrete walkways are also functional on commercial properties where business owners or property managers typically spend a lot of money to maintain the landscaping. If you don’t have an appropriate walkway that leads to entrances, you run the risk of having people cause damage to this landscaping every time they come in and out of your office or store. Cracks or uneven areas on concrete walkways can also be liabilities for you if someone trips and becomes injured while on your property.

Concrete is a tough material that can withstand a lot of pressure and use without becoming damaged, which is why many people choose it for their walkways and other paved areas in an outdoor space. However, some careful steps need to be taken to ensure it is poured and set correctly. At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we offer professional concrete services, including installation and repair of concrete walkways, for those in the area. We have years of experience with concrete, so we will do the job right and make sure you are satisfied.


We serve the Polk County, Florida area, including Auburndale, Lakeland, Fort Meade, Mulberry and Winter Haven.