We offer all types of landscaping services to make your life easier and your Fort Meade, FL yard more beautiful.

In Fort Meade, Florida, residents enjoy a tropical and pleasant climate throughout most of the year. There are plenty of options for plant life that will thrive in this atmosphere, creating an attractive landscape for your commercial or residential property. Evolve Professional Landscape Management understands the demands on your time, so we offer all types of landscaping services to make your life easier.

  • Lawn Care: We provide basic care, such as mowing and fertilizing, along with planting and laying sod for new or damaged lawns.
  • Landscaping: We offer our landscaping services to properties in and around Fort Meade, Florida. We have a team of experts who will create and maintain an oasis in your yard.
  • Tree Service: At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we can provide regular yard check-ups, which involve a thorough examination of trees. If we can spot and fix problems early, it can minimize the damage caused to your landscape. We discourage home or business owners from performing tree service themselves, as it can be very dangerous for those who have never trimmed or removed a tree.
  • Irrigation: Your irrigation system will be more efficient if you group plants together that need similar watering. Add a device that shuts the system off if the soil is damp, and you can save a lot of water by avoiding irrigation on stormy days. Since Fort Meade, Florida receives quite a bit of rain each year, this can be a beneficial addition to your landscaping.
  • Sod: If your lawn has bare or dead patches, sod is a great option to fix these problems in a uniform and visually appealing way. Instead of planting seeds and waiting weeks or even months for the grass to fill in, only to find that the patch looks uneven and sparse, we can simply lay a patch of sod that will match the other grass and look lush immediately.
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