We offer full landscaping services at reasonable prices in Mulberry, FL and surrounding areas.

If you have a home or property in Mulberry, Florida, or one of the surrounding communities, our experts at Evolve Professional Landscape Management offer you full landscaping services for reasonable prices.

  • Lawn Care: Completely eliminate lawn care from your to-do list by choosing turf. We receive more moisture in Mulberry, Florida, so the lawn must have a run-off spot to avoid flooding, since turf can’t absorb excess water. It doesn’t have roots or soil, so if water pools, it can cause damage to the turf.
  • Landscaping: Before you make changes to landscaping, check with local authorities to make sure that you are in accordance with wildlife and water supply requirements. Our professionals understand the local requirements in Mulberry, Florida for fertilization and other landscaping elements, so we will make sure to keep your property compliant.
  • Tree Service: We offer a variety of tree services in and around Mulberry, Florida. This includes examination for decay or disease, as well as checking for branches that are too heavy and could fall, causing damage to a home or business.
  • Irrigation: These systems allow property owners to prevent waste by using water efficiently and making sure each plant gets enough water to keep it healthy. More than half of the water used in a typical Florida household is used outdoors, so this can drastically increase your monthly water costs if you aren’t careful.
  • Sod: Made of soil and grass, sod usually comes in rolled-up strips for easy installation, instead of trying to plant hundreds of seeds to produce a lawn. Some kinds of grass don’t require frequent watering, which conserves water and helps the environment, along with providing you much less required maintenance to keep a green lawn.
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