If you need landscaping services in Winter Haven, FL, contact us at Evolve Professional Landscape Management.

At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we offer landscaping services to properties in and near Winter Haven, Florida. Our landscaping process includes determining what types of plants will be best suited to live in your yard, based on the soil levels, irrigation, and available sunlight. We also offer routine maintenance of your landscaping, so it will look nice year-round without any extra work for your to-do list, as well as tree service, basic lawn care, sod services, and repair or replacement of irrigation systems.

  • Lawn Care: Select a type of grass that works with your situation; if your family spends time outdoors, consider a lawn that withstands traffic and stays lush.
  • Landscaping: This process often requires specific tools and heavy machinery to dig new flowerbeds, lay sod, and/or take out stumps or trees. If you rent the equipment and do it yourself, use caution to avoid hitting plumbing lines or roots, since this can cause damage.
  • Tree Service: Experts recommend hiring a qualified arborist for any type of tree service, as it can be a dangerous process that will require specialized skills and knowledge. We offer tree maintenance, planting, and removal for properties in and around Winter Haven, Florida.
  • Irrigation: Drip irrigation is a popular choice, since it uses much less water than traditional sprinklers. It applies drops of water directly to the roots of your landscaping.
  • Sod: Some types of sod require varying degrees of sunlight, so also consider the shade on your Winter Haven property before making a final decision.


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