Lawn Maintenance During Droughts

Lawn Maintenance During DroughtsDuring times of drought, water shortages can often cause people to neglect their lawns and gardens, hoping to be able to restore them when water levels have returned to a higher standard. However, lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be the major water waster we sometimes think it is. And consistent and thorough lawn maintenance makes all the difference when it comes to having beautiful and long-lasting grass.

One of the most important things to do when water is scarce is to make sure that the soil is in the best condition possible. Poorly treated soil does not produce a quality lawn, regardless of how much water you use to maintain it. Taking the best care of your soil involves seasonal aeration, fertilizing, topdressing, and possibly liming, if your soil levels are not acidic enough. Get your soil tested to discover any nutrients it may be lacking. Many different types of grass can thrive, even in drought seasons, when the soil has been properly cared for and nutrient levels attended to.

Watering practices also need to be addressed for proper lawn maintenance during droughts. Sprinkler systems are often the worst culprits for wasting a lot of water because so much water is used trying to get to those out-of-reach areas. Check your sprinklers to make sure they are not watering the sidewalk more than the lawn. Put in timers to make sure the sprinklers run during early morning or late evening hours and that they don’t run longer than is needed.

Consider mowing the lawn very infrequently, letting it grow on its own with the minimal water. When you mow, keep it long, as exposing soil and roots is not good when little water is being used. Consider reusing any household water you may have, such as cooking water, bath water, and stored water, for lawn maintenance, as well. While times of drought do require a little more creativity and attention to detail, lawn maintenance doesn’t need to be totally ignored. A little extra effort can protect your lawn and keep it alive during times of drought.


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