In the Long-Term, Sod Installation Is Cheaper than Planting Seed

In the Long-Term, Sod Installation Is Cheaper than Planting Seed Sod installation has several advantages over planting grass seed, which takes patience, time and lots of TLC vs. getting the immediate satisfaction of a sod lawn. If your lawn is thin, tired, full of weeds, or needs renovating, or if you’ve got no lawn at all, below are some reasons to consider a sod lawn.

  • Sod installation costs less in the long run. Seriously, it may initially seem more expensive, but it will save money. When you grow a lawn from seed, you spend money on extra fertilization and weed control, and you have to over-seed a newly seeded lawn in its second season.
  • You get an attractive lawn instantly. It’s the quickest path to enjoying a barbecue on a sunny day. Also, you’ll appreciate not having mud for many weeks while a grass seed lawn grows.
  • No weeds with sod installation! The new turf has been professionally grown, so it has no weeds. On top of this, the density of sod prohibits the germination of weed seed, which minimizes the need to use herbicides.
  • You’ll get a thicker lawn with sod installation. The grass is sown tightly together, so there aren’t any bare spots. Moreover, it is not necessary to re-seed.
  • No soil erosion. Sod installation prevents the precious topsoil in lawn areas on hills or slopes from eroding. It’s an instant solution to rain runoff, as well as other soil drainage problems.

Sod is the easiest and fastest way to establish a lawn. By the time it gets to your home, it has already been growing for a year, so it has reached maturity. Ask a landscaping contractor to give you a free sod installation estimate.


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