Why Do I Need Professional Tree Service?

Why Do I Need Professional Tree Service?A professional tree service keeps your trees safe and healthy, so your family and friends can enjoy your landscape without the fear of an accident. It is your responsibility to keep the trees on your property well-maintained, well-nourished and safe.

An unhealthy tree poses dangers to you, your property, your visitors, and your neighbors. A big tree can blow over or drop heavy limbs during severe weather, resulting in major damage to houses and vehicles, and potentially injuring or killing people. A study conducted in 2008, and published the following year in the Natural Hazards Journal, documented that between 1995 and 2007, there were 407 deaths caused by wind-related tree failures.

Trees are unmistakable focal points in your landscape. If they are poorly maintained, they can become lopsided or bedraggled, giving an untidy look to your yard. Trees that are given proper pruning and nutrition by a tree service professional, along with protection against pests and diseases, are at their most beautiful.

No two trees are exactly the same. Age, species, environment and yearly growing conditions all play a role in the health of every tree, and knowing what each one needs is complex. A tree service expert will take the time to evaluate your trees to determine their individual needs. He can also help with other related issues, such as spring feeding, year-round foliage protection, and root zone fertilization.

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