What Services Should I Expect from a Landscaping Company?

landscaping companyWhen you hire them, most landscaping companies offer a variety of services. Garden upkeep and maintenance can be broken down into several jobs. Landscapers often offer annual service plans, and they’ll handle all tasks in your yard throughout the year.

Common services offered by a landscaping company include:

  • Mowing: If you sign up for a package deal, be sure that it includes mowing, as well as fertilizing, edging and trimming.
  • Mulch: This ensures that your plant beds look well-kept and clean. There are different qualities of mulch, so the type you choose will determine the cost. There may also be a fee for delivering it to your home.
  • Fertilization: This is an important element of a lawn care package. Your landscaping company will probably suggest fertilizing your grass a few times during the year to help it grow. However, too much fertilizer can be harmful. A professional will know the right balance.
  • Aeration: Typically, this is done in the spring and fall. It involves pulling plugs of soil, thatch and grass from your lawn. The plugs leave holes, which allow the lawn to breathe, while also allowing water and fertilizer easier access to the roots.
  • Leaf Removal: In the fall, this is a big chore that you’ll be glad your landscaping company is doing!
  • General Maintenance: This involves tasks such as pulling weeds, picking up debris, and planting new flowers, trees, or shrubs.

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