Simple Tree Removal Tips

simple tree removal tips

Tree removal can be a difficult and dangerous task, so it is a job best left to a professional. A tree arborist will have the skills and appropriate equipment to cut down trees safely. Here are a few tips if you need to remove a tree on your property:

  • Pick the best tree arborist – Cutting down a tree is a big job, so you should find the best tree arborist around, even if it means you will have to spend more money. For example, if you hired an inexperienced tree arborist who is very cheap, he might only cut the tree at the base and leave the stump behind, or he may even cause damage to your home if the tree falls in the wrong direction.
  • Get a permit – Even if a tree is on your property, you still might need permission from the city or county before you can remove it. Many cities and counties require inspections and permits before a tree can be removed. It is important to get a permit before you decide on tree removal.
  • Inquire about stump removal – When talking to a tree removal company, ask them if they remove the stump of the tree. It is very important to remove this stump because it can be quite the eyesore and become a breeding ground for insects.

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