On Which Sod Will You Trod?

On Which Sod Will You Trod?There is something so beautiful about a perfectly manicured, green and luscious, thick patch of grass. Whether it’s on a sports field, at a park, or in your back yard, it makes you want to take your shoes off and sink your toes into the soft, prickly ground underneath your feet. Choosing which type of sod you’d like to lay depends on a lot of different factors. There are five main types of sod that are usually considered:

  • Bahia– Bahia is a good choice of sod if you live in an area with warmer, humid temperatures. It holds up well with little watering and is not as susceptible to insects or diseases. However, it does require maintenance and will thin out if not kept up well. Bahia is also good if you have sandy or touch soil.
  • Zoysia– Zoysia is a great choice of sod if it is going to be stepped on a lot. It is resilient and can withstand high traffic. It is a beautiful green color and is usually very lush. It does, however, cost more than other types of sod and thrives best in areas with lots of sun.
  • St. Augustine– This is a good type of sod if there is a lot of shade in your yard. It is usually mixed with other types of sod, as, by itself, it’s not very lush.
  • Centipede– This type of sod is known as “the lazy man’s grass,” because it requires very little maintenance and doesn’t need to be mowed frequently. It is very tolerant of shady areas and is a great option if you are going to sod larger areas, like parks or fields.
  • Bermuda– Bermuda sod requires a lot of sun, but is a beautiful option if it is being used in a high-traffic, very sunny area.

At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we can help you decide which type of sod will thrive best in your particular area of Lakeland, Florida. We can also lay the sod for you and provide you with the tips you need to maintain the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. Call us today for grass you can sink your toes into!