How Necessary Is Stump Grinding?

Tree Care servicesIf you have ever had a tree removed from your yard, you understand the necessity of stump grinding. While tree removal services typically can get the tree cut down to ground level, you still have a stump with roots under the ground that may cause problems.

If you have a landscape where your lawn is rocks, you could probably pull off not dealing with stump grinding. Or if the stump is in an area, like a small garden, where you can use it as part of the rustic decoration, you could leave it as you see fit. However, if the stump is going to be in the way of the new landscape, or if the stump is an eyesore, it is probably best to call us in to do your stump grinding for you.

Here at Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we provide stump grinding services, along with tree removal, so you can take care of your entire tree problem at one time. We grind down the stump, using specialized stump grinding tools that allow us to get down below ground level and eliminate the stump from being in view and in the way.

So don’t hesitate to call us if you need that stump removed from your yard to proceed with your modern landscape design and create the street view you’ve always wanted for your home. It is time to call us in to do the dirty work and create a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy.