Tree Removal 101

Tree Removal 101Removing a tree, although not complicated, is a detailed process. Unfortunately, it involves a lot more than just yelling “Timber!” and wielding a giant axe. Tree removal takes preparation and attention to detail, and often times may require a permit from the city.

Once you have decided tree removal is necessary, check the surrounding area to make sure that it can be safely done. If there are power lines around, you may want to check with a professional about how to safely remove branches that may be obstructing the lines. Also check the area where the branches may fall to make sure that there will be nothing damaged in the process. After you have checked the area for safety precautions, you may begin tree removal.

It does not necessarily matter where you start cutting; just pick one side of the tree and begin removing the smaller branches first. If you remove the smaller branches while the tree is mostly still standing, it will make clean up after much easier. Once you have removed the smaller branches, begin removing the larger, main branches until you have cut all the way down to the stump. Cut the trunk into smaller, more manageable pieces and deal with the stump after. You may consider hiring a professional with a stump grinder.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and danger of tree removal yourself, call us at Evolve Professional Landscape Management to take care of it for you. We will remove the tree on your schedule and take extra precaution to not damage the surrounding vegetation while removing the tree. Call us today for a free tree removal estimate.