Veggie Garden Tips from a Professional Lawn Services Company

Veggie Garden Tips from a Professional Lawn Services Company Goldilocks said it: Not too big, not too small – but just right. Creating the right-sized garden is tip #1. You can feed a family of 4 for a whole summer on a 16 x 10 ft patch. Good-yielding veggies like cabbage, lettuce, carrots and beans produce more than one crop annually, giving you extra to can, freeze, or give away.

Here are some more veggie garden tips from our professional lawn services company:

Understand Your Soil

Composting is a really good way to nourish moist soil in preparation for planting, but some soils require more nutrients. Vegetables thrive in well-drained, good soil. Contact your local Cooperative Extension Office to learn about low-cost or free soil-testing kits. A soil test will identify the type, and also help in supplementing it with nutrients that will get your veggie garden off to a good start.

Water and Sun

Receiving sufficient sun is crucial to growing veggies. They need at least six hours of full sunlight a day – although eight hours would be preferable. Vegetables also need at least one inch of water every week. You might want to speak to a lawn services company about installing an automatic irrigation system.


Don’t plant too close to trees – they will compete with the veggie garden’s nutrients and also block out sunlight. If you are planting with seed, read the package for the best time to plant. If you are transplanting veggie plants into the garden, or planting from seedlings, the lawn services experts at Evolve Professional Landscape Management suggest you check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac.