How to Be Water-Wise with Different Irrigation Systems

irrigation systemsWater-wise gardeners create healthy landscapes that can withstand dry, hot conditions by following a few simple guidelines. Here, we’ll give some tips on how to be water-efficient with 3 types of irrigation systems – sprinklers, drip irrigation, and hand watering.

Sprinklers (can cover large areas)

  • A manual sprinkler requires opening the valve, setting the timer and then shutting off the flow.
  • An automatic system offers the advantage of programmable controllers.
  • Be sure to set an automatic sprinkler properly, and as conditions change, adjust it.
  • To reduce the rate of evaporation, water early in the morning.
  • If water runs off your garden, split the watering times into 2 or more sessions.
  • If you’re getting sufficient water from rain showers, be sure to turn the system off.

Drip Irrigation Systems (good for individual plants and small yards)

  • Highly effective in delivering 1 to 4 gallons of water per hour to the soil.
  • They have a key advantage over sprinklers, in that there is minimal water loss due to runoff or evaporation.
  • Great for mulched areas since the water can soak into soil without washing the mulch away.

Hand Watering (a hose is the simplest of all irrigation systems!)

  • Use a nozzle to control the flow.
  • Over-watering is easily avoided.
  • Move to another location when water stops being absorbed into the ground quickly.

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