Foundation Slabs, Auburndale, FL

We install foundation slabs at commercial and residential locations throughout Auburndale, FL.
There are several options when it comes to laying a foundation beneath your residential or commercial building. A conventional crawlspace foundation is one option, and this solution is associated with many advantages and disadvantages. For example, one of the main benefits of going with a conventional crawlspace foundation is that air conditioning and plumbing ducts can be included inside, making them easier to access for maintenance. However, with a crawlspace foundation in Auburndale, Florida, you risk allowing moisture to get into the space. This can result in mold growth and damage to the flooring above.
Concrete foundation slabs are another beneficial option for residential or commercial buildings. Foundation slabs require less labor to construct so they are more cost-effective, and they reduce the risk of pests and vermin getting under the building and making a home for themselves there. Slabs also provide better insulation, which can reduce heating and cooling costs over time. Since a slab doesn’t need a lot of space, you can also keep the home or office closer to the ground so you only need a few steps leading to the main entrance. This can be an advantageous solution for those with disabilities.
If you have questions about foundation slabs versus crawlspace foundations, give us a call at Evolve Professional Landscape Management to discuss your options. We install foundation slabs at both residential and commercial buildings and can get you on our schedule as soon as possible. As trusted experts in the industry, you really can’t go wrong working with us.