Sidewalks, Auburndale, FL

We install and repair concrete sidewalks at a variety of different property types throughout the Auburndale, FL area.

When you walk or jog on a main street, you probably choose to walk on the sidewalks to keep yourself safe from vehicles. Rough and uneven sidewalks can be dangerous for pedestrians, so it is important to keep the ones on your property in good condition. When you have a network of connected sidewalks, people in the area can utilize these to get around or engage in more physical activity.

At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we have a team of experienced professionals who can install and repair concrete sidewalks. We have over three decades of combined experience and we have worked on sidewalks at a variety of different commercial and residential locations throughout the Auburndale, Florida area. The reason why we always use concrete when we install new sidewalks is because this material is extremely durable and because it requires hardly any maintenance.
Our team members are also creative, so if you are looking for more customized options for sidewalks, we can create a finished product that aligns with your vision. We are very dependable and will show up when we say we will arrive at your property. Our prices are reasonable and we have extended hours to accommodate the needs of our clients.
Call us today to learn more about sidewalks and the other outdoor services that we offer to those within our service area. We would be more than happy to discuss a potential sidewalk project with you and provide you with an estimate for the work.