Lawn Care, Auburndale, FL

Lawn care tips for your Auburndale, FL home.

Caring for your lawn is the best way to keep it looking healthy and green. One tip for excellent lawn care is to make sure the irrigation is set up to water it efficiently. If you live in a rainy and tropical atmosphere, such as Auburndale, Florida, your lawn can become waterlogged if it receives rainwater and regular watering at the same time. This can result in rotting of the roots, which will ultimately kill the grass. Therefore, you might want to install a device that measures soil moisture and can override the automatic watering system.

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Another good lawn care tip is to use fertilizer, which can strengthen the roots, combat weed growth, and provide more lush results. Slow-release fertilizers are a good option, since they are less likely to travel into the groundwater supply, and they won’t cause a growth surge. However, use caution when applying fertilizer and only use as much as is necessary, as over-fertilization can result in excessive pests and overgrowth, and can also pollute the surrounding sources of water. If you would rather avoid the risk, you can hire a lawn care professional who knows the exact dosage and proper application of fertilizer to produce results.

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