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Installing an irrigation system in your backyard or on your commercial property is a great way to keep your plant life looking fresh. You might decide to install an automatic irrigation system, which waters on a timer and eliminates the need for you to do a lot of extra work. However, these types of systems can be expensive. Just remember that when it comes to irrigation systems, the value of the product is often reflected in the price. Very cheap systems probably won’t last very long or work very well.
Need help with installing or repairing the irrigation system in your yard? Give us a call.

If you decide to install the irrigation system yourself, make sure you ask an expert for advice and tips before starting the process. Many people decide to hire a professional to do the work, since a poorly installed irrigation system can cause leaks, water damage, and other problems to the property. Each sprinkler and pipe should be installed at a certain height, which will provide proper watering and prevent too much water from collecting in one area. The amount of water your sprinkler system will put out also depends on where you live. Humid areas, such as Bartow and Lakeland, Florida, would need less watering than areas such as Arizona or Nevada.

You can also decide how many valves you want in certain zones of the yard. Areas where the plant life is minimal would not require as many valves, and in places that have small flowerbeds or potted plants, you could choose to install a mister. Do some research and make sure you know what you want before you start putting in your irrigation system.

As always, if you need help with installing or repairing the irrigation system in your yard, give us a call at Evolve Professional Landscape Management. We are preferred vendors of Hunter and Rainbird, and all our irrigation systems and parts come from these high-quality brands. Service fees apply for irrigation repair estimates.

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