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There are several different methods of irrigation that work well for the climate in Mulberry, Florida. Since the area receives a monthly average of nearly three inches of rain during cooler months, and more than eight inches of rain per month during June, July, and August, residents can use the rainfall to benefit their landscapes. You can even install a rain sensor in the soil, which connects to the irrigation system and overrides the automatic watering when the soil is already damp. This can save a lot of water, especially during the wetter times of the year.
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Another option for an irrigation system is to install a collection device, which can then be redistributed onto the plants and grass. This is a great way to recycle water and will save you money on your utilities each month. Drip irrigation uses much smaller amounts of water, which fall directly onto the roots, so this is a good option, as well. If you choose to install a sprinkler irrigation system, try to choose eco-friendly sprinkler heads and only run the system as often as is necessary.
You can also save water by choosing plants that don’t require watering as frequently. If you plant these types of plants together, then you can arrange your irrigation system accordingly and install fewer heads near these beds. We all have a responsibility to use our resources wisely, so consider making some changes to your current irrigation system that can benefit the environment and reduce impact on the earth. If you’d like some help with the process, our irrigation experts at Evolve Professional Landscape Management would be happy to assist you. Service fees apply for irrigation repair estimates.

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