Tree Service, Mulberry, FL

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If you have a dead or diseased tree in your yard, you might be considering hiring a tree service to remove it. However, sometimes it’s hard to know who has experience and training in tree care, and who simply has access to a chain saw and calls him or herself a tree service specialist. There are a few simple ways to verify that the tree service company is legitimate. First, ask the company to provide you with proof that they are licensed and insured. You may also want to make sure they have a pesticide license, if applicable. The company should always have a current business license and worker’s compensation policy, since these can protect you if any injury occurs while on your property.

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Tree service companies typically offer a range of services, including trimming or removing branches, reducing the potential for damage during a storm, removing trees and stumps, bracing trees when necessary, and insect control in the tree. Some will also offer landscaping services and can recommend specific types of trees, based on the area available and sun exposure.

At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, our team offers tree services to residents of Mulberry, Florida and surrounding areas. We can design and plant a beautiful landscape for your home or business, and we are locals, so we know what types of plants will thrive in our climate. If you have a tree that you love, but it would be happier and healthier in a different area of your yard, we can also perform transplanting services.

We’re a legitimate tree services company in Mulberry with years of professional experience.