Irrigation, Winter Haven, FL

Proper irrigation is crucial for the health of the plant life on your Winter Haven, FL property.
Irrigation of your landscaping is an important part of healthy and lush plant life. It is also a way to use water more efficiently and prevent waste. Approximately 50% of water usage in households goes outdoors, and this can be expensive and detrimental to your environment, especially in areas where drought warnings are common. You can save water by choosing plants that don’t require frequent watering, since these will thrive in a warmer atmosphere.
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Another way to improve the irrigation system on your property is to install a micro-irrigation system. This type of irrigation uses pipes, tubing, and valves that transmit drops of water directly onto roots, instead of spraying water all over the top of the plants. It significantly decreases the amount of water used, and many farmers use this method so they can save money while watering their acres of crops. When you draw your landscaping layout, try to group plants together based on watering needs, so you can install fewer sprinklers in the beds where you have plants that do better without a lot of water.
You can also install an irrigation system that utilizes rainwater and shuts itself off when soil is damp. This can help you decrease the amount of water you use, since the plants won’t need or receive excess watering following a big storm. In Winter Haven, Florida, or other humid and tropical areas in the state, this is a great option since rain is more plentiful, and is a natural way to conserve water.
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