Landscaping, Winter Haven, FL

For healthy and lush landscapes of your Winter Haven property, contact us for our irrigation services.

If your home or business is located in or near Winter Haven, Florida, you have many options for beautiful and unique landscaping. The Florida climate is humid and tropical, so if you take proper care of them, your plants will be lush and green. Some types of landscaping can also protect the environment. When you start your landscaping project, bring in an expert to determine what type of soil you have, since this will impact the types of plants that will thrive. You can also look at the amount of sunlight needed by a plant, and make sure you have a spot that will give it enough.

Landscaping is a big job best left to the professionals, please call us!
There are many beautiful flowering plants that are native to Florida, so these are great choices when planning your new landscaping design. Some types of invasive plants, such as Australian pine or Brazilian pepper, should be removed, as they can take over a yard and damage the surrounding plant life. Many flowering plants attract bees, which will provide natural pollination and help the flowers to bloom more beautifully. Other wildlife, such as butterflies and birds, will also flock to your trees, which can provide shelter for the animal community.

Landscaping is a big job that often requires the use of heavy machinery and tools in order to remove stumps or other plants, dig flowerbeds, and lay new sod. If you would rather leave it to a professional, contact us at Evolve Professional Landscape Management. Our team can create an oasis in your Winter Haven, Florida backyard or front yard that you can enjoy with loved ones.

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