Sod, Winter Haven, FL

We can improve the appearance of your Winter Haven, FL home with top-quality sod.

Sod is made up of grass and soil, and often comes in long strips that are rolled up for easy installation in a yard. Your grassy areas can be functional, so they aren’t just wasted space. There are certain types of grass that are more tolerant to drought, so they don’t require as much watering. This helps to conserve resources and protect the environment, and also means that your lawn requires much less maintenance. When you choose a type of sod for your commercial or residential property, you might want to talk to a landscaping professional who can go over the options. If you live in Winter Haven, Florida, our experts at Evolve Professional Landscape Management would be happy to help!

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In the Winter Haven area, the weather is generally warm throughout all 12 months of the year. With average lows ranging from 51 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and average highs getting up in the 90s during the summer, you will need a type of sod that does well in hot and humid climates. Depending on your property location, you can also look at how well the grasses do when subjected to irrigation water or salt spray in coastal areas. Some types of sod will need more sunlight, so if your property has a lot of shade, consider that, as well.

Sod is most frequently used for residential properties, as well as golf courses and sports stadiums. It provides an even and easy installation process, and it helps prevent soil erosion. You can also use sod as a patch to repair a spot in the lawn where the grass has been pulled up or died.

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