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A lush, green lawn is the perfect asset to any home or business. If you feel like you can never get your lawn to stay green, we are experts in techniques that are proven to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. At Evolve Professional Landscape Management, we specialize in keeping residential and commercial lawns looking great throughout the year.

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We offer all the services you need to keep your lawn looking great all year round. When you hire us to take care of your lawn, you won’t have to haul out your lawn mower every Saturday morning. We will regularly mow your grass, trim the edges, deal with weeds, and do anything else needed to make sure your lawn stays in great shape.

One downfall of the winter months is that it gets cold. While you may enjoy the cooler temperatures, your plants and grass may suffer. To keep your lawn looking great during the winter, we offer freeze protection, so you don’t have to start from scratch on your lawn when springtime comes around. If you live in Bartow, Florida or the surrounding areas, your lawn may be surrounded by plants like azaleas, roses, and crape myrtle. To keep these plants looking lovely alongside your green lawn, Evolve Professional Landscape Management also offers annual trimmings that will ensure the health of these plants. This year, prevent the plants and grass that surround your home or business in the Bartow, Winter Haven, Lakeland, Mulberry, Auburndale, and Ft. Meade areas from diminishing in health and beauty by calling us for a free lawn care and maintenance estimate. Your lawn will surely benefit from the attention it receives from our company!

What are the benefits of using a professional lawn maintenance service?

  • Enjoy having more free time without worrying about the chores of lawn care
  • No expensive lawn equipment to buy or maintain while also saving valuable storage space in your garage or shed.
  • Helps you be proactive with monitoring your lawn to prevent minor issues turning into major ones if left unchecked (i.e. fungus, insects, under/over-watering).

What are the benefits of choosing Evolve as your team of lawn care experts?

  • Reliable lawn service that comes with a team of customer service professionals dedicated to ensure your experience is hassle-free
  • Knowledgeable horticulturists on staff with over 30 years of experience to handle any lawn-specific problem that may arise
  • Special discounts & value-added services offered exclusively to our lawn customers
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