Rockscaping: A water conservation solution 

It is difficult to imagine that a state with water on three sides, hurricanes and a rainy season could ever be concerned about water shortages, but that is the case here in Polk County and in Central Florida. We may not have the extreme shortages that other parts of the country experience, but we do have to be aware of it and try to do what we can to conserve. During our dry months, the largest water usage is landscaping. Statistics show that 30% of the water used is for watering lawns, as it takes regular watering to keep a lawn green during this time of year. If you are growing concerned about this or feeling the pinch in your water bill, give us a call at Evolve Professional Landscape Management and ask about rockscaping.

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Rockscaping is an ideal solution if you want to conserve water, but it is also helpful if you want to preserve the quality of our state’s aquifers and protect our wildlife. The overuse of fertilizers, weed control chemicals and pesticides has far-reaching consequences that are not even completely understood. By having at least part of your property converted to rockscaping, you can be doing your part to preserve what we love so much about Florida.
In addition to these important benefits of incorporating rockscaping in your landscaping, you will benefit by the fact that rockscaping needs very little maintenance. This will free you up to enjoy all the great activities Central Florida has to offer all year long.

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