For some time now, various medians along Highway 98 in Bartow, FL, have been an eyesore to the community, and our team embarked on a landscape renovation project to give them new life! This project included landscaping for medians from Bartow Ford on Ernest Smith Blvd., Osprey Blvd., Lyle Parkway, Ethelene Street, Lucile Street, and Old Bartow Eagle Lake Road. We installed beautiful, eye-catching plants, such as Blue Daze, Bulbine, and African Iris, then pine straw mulch. Additionally, we laid fresh bahia sod. Now, these medians have a rejuvenated appearance to reflect this already beautiful area.

We renovated several medians along Highway 98 for this project.

This landscape renovation project was extensive, as it involved working on several medians along Highway 98 in Bartow, FL. For example, our crew renovated the landscape for medians from Bartow Ford on Ernest Smith Blvd., Osprey Blvd., Lyle Parkway, Ethelene Street, Lucile Street, and Old Bartow Eagle Lake Road. Each of these medians looked worse for wear, so we got to work on transforming these previously barren, unappealing landscapes into more lively, colorful, rejuvenated displays.

This Landscape Renovation Project Included Plant & Pine Straw Installations

During this Highway 98 landscape renovation project, we installed various eye-catching plants on the medians. We wanted to ensure they stay as low-maintenance as possible, so we used ones known for performing well in our area and don't require much upkeep. Here are the plants we added:

  • Perennial Peanut Ground Cover: This ground cover thrives in the climate in our area and requires very little maintenance to stay healthy. It also boasts vibrant yellow blooms to give the medians a pop of color.
  • Blue Daze: This plant is Florida-friendly, meaning it does best in areas with hot temperatures and a lot of sunlight. With its bright blue flowers, it gives the medians a diverse-looking landscape.
  • Bulbine: Bulbine prefers to grow in hot temperatures and dry, sandy soils, making it perfect for the medians along Highway 98. It yields a long, grassy appearance and orange or yellow flowers.
  • African Iris: African Iris plants thrive in the warm climate in our area, growing long leaves that fan out and producing beautiful white flowers.

Not only that, but this project also included pine straw mulch installation. We used a reddish-brown pine straw to enhance the color of the plants and give them an extra layer of protection. This addition also makes them even more low-maintenance, as it helps retain moisture and suppress weed growth, which is ideal for the medians.

We Also Laid Fresh Bahia Sod for This Highway 98 Landscape Renovation Project

Another thing we added to the medians for this Highway 98 landscape renovation project was fresh bahia sod. Our crew exercised precision and attention to detail when laying the sod to ensure everything lined up and looked even. We also used this type because it's warm-season and requires little maintenance, making it an ideal choice for elevating the appearance of the medians' landscapes without much upkeep.

Along with bahia sod, we also offer St. Augustine and bermudagrass options.

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