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Irrigation system watering the lawn and landscaping at a residential property.

Irrigation Services Serving Bartow, Lakeland Highlands, Highland City, Lakeland, & Nearby Areas In Florida

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Irrigation Services in Bartow, FL & Surrounding Cities Like Lakeland Highlands & Highland City

Our services include installations, repairs, and more!

Your grass and plants need proper hydration to stay healthy and look their best. That's where we come in! At Evolve Contracting, we offer irrigation services to ensure your grass and plants stay hydrated and that your irrigation system is always in prime condition. Our services include irrigation installations, repairs, and more, making us your one-stop shop for all of your irrigation needs. We offer these services to residential and commercial property owners, as well as HOAs, in Bartow, FL, and surrounding cities like Lakeland Highlands and Highland City. Call us today at (863) 537-7537 to sign up for any of our irrigation services!

Irrigation Design & Installation

If you're looking to install an irrigation system on your property to keep your grass and plants properly hydrated, look no further than our irrigation installation service. We can design and install a high-quality irrigation system on your property that will effectively and efficiently deliver water to where it needs to go to help your vegetation thrive! Our team can also install a smart irrigation system, which allows you to control and adjust the watering schedule from your smartphone. That way, it's more convenient than ever to ensure your lawn and landscape receive efficient watering!

We can install a drip irrigation system in your landscape beds or garden to provide water directly to the roots of your plants!

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Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation systems are comprised of various parts that all work together to deliver water efficiently to your turf and landscape. If even one part malfunctions, it can negatively affect the overall performance of your entire irrigation system. At Evolve Contracting, we understand how important it is to have a well-functioning irrigation system. That's why we offer our irrigation repair service. Whether your system suffered damage over time or wasn't installed properly in the first place, we can fix it through our irrigation repair service. Our team is well-versed in repairing any part of an irrigation system, so matter what the problem may be, you can trust that we'll figure out a way to remedy it. Some of the most common irrigation parts that we repair include:

  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Nozzles
  • Timers
  • Valves
  • And more!

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Irrigation Allowance Program

Because your irrigation system plays such a vital role in the overall well-being of your grass and plants, you'll want to make sure that it's always operating at full capacity. When you sign up for our irrigation allowance program, we will monitor your irrigation system throughout the year and perform periodic checkups on it to ensure it's functioning properly. If we notice a problem with your system, we can make the necessary repairs to get it back up and running at 100% again. This service is only offered to our lawn maintenance program customers, and with it, you will also receive priority scheduling and a discounted rate!

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Call us today to sign up for any of our professional irrigation services!

Are you in the market for professional irrigation services? If so, you've come to the right place! At Evolve Contracting, we offer our full lineup of professional irrigation services to homeowners and business owners, as well as HOAs, in Bartow, Lakeland Highlands, Highland City, and other nearby areas in Florida. Whether you want to install a new system, repair breaks or malfunctions, or take advantage of our allowance program to ensure it stays in top condition - we are your go-to for all of it! Call us today at (863) 537-7537 to sign up for any of our irrigation services!

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