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Tree Removal Service in & Around Bartow, Lakeland Highlands & Highland City, FL

Our team will determine the best removal method for your trees.

Removing a tree is a big undertaking, and our team at Evolve Contracting is equipped to take it on! We offer our tree removal service to handle any trees you no longer want on your property. When you sign up for this service, we will start with a consultation, which involves a site visit to inspect your tree and determine the best way to remove it. Then, we will use top-of-the-line equipment and follow a step-by-step process to carefully and efficiently take it down without causing damage to your property or anything else around it. Once we're finished, you can take advantage of our stump grinding service to get rid of the unsightly leftover stump!

We offer our tree removal service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Bartow, Lakeland Highlands, Highland City, FL, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us at (863) 537-7537 to schedule this service today!

We Will Start With a Consultation to Inspect the Tree You Want to Remove

Once you sign up for our tree removal service, you can expect us to start with a consultation. During this initial meeting, we will visit your property to inspect the tree you no longer want and the surrounding area. Our team will assess its condition and location to determine the safest and most effective removal method. After we've become familiar with the job site and create a plan for carrying out the work, we'll schedule another time to return and remove it.

What does our tree removal process look like?

Crew removing a tree in Bartow, FL.

We take pride in our ability to effectively and efficiently remove trees while prioritizing our crew and your property's safety. So, we follow a proven tree removal process to ensure we do it right the first time. Depending on the method we decided upon during our site visit, we'll utilize heavy-duty equipment like bucket trucks, cranes, or grappling hooks to dismember the tree and lower it down piece by piece. That way, we do the job properly with minimal impact on the surrounding area and other trees. With us, you can trust that we'll skillfully remove your tree following industry practices to yield the intended results. Then, once we finish, we'll haul away the debris so you don't have to worry about it.

We have the resources, equipment, and expertise to remove trees of any size!

We offer a stump grinding service that you can opt for after we remove your tree.

After removing your tree, the only thing left behind will be the unsightly stump. Fortunately, we offer a stump grinding service that you can opt for following your tree removal so that it doesn't hinder your property's curb appeal! With this service, our crew will grind the stump 9-12 inches below the soil surface to break it up along with its root system. Then, we'll clean up and haul away any wood chips to leave a clear, tree and stump-free area!

Call Us Today to Schedule a Consultation for Our Tree Removal Service

If you need to have a tree removed from your property, look no further than our pros here at Evolve Contracting. We will start with a consultation to assess the situation and then formulate a plan of action. From there, we will use heavy-duty equipment and follow tried-and-proven processes to safely and efficiently remove your tree. What's more, we can also grind down the stump afterward if you want us to! We offer our tree removal service to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Bartow, Lakeland Highlands, Highland City, FL, and other nearby areas. Call us at (863) 537-7537 to schedule a consultation for this service today!

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