Landscaping, Auburndale, FL

We can help you create a landscaping design that will attract friendly wildlife and increase your Auburndale, FL home’s curb appeal.

As the population of Auburndale, Florida continues to grow, a substantial portion of wildlife habitats is being destroyed. However, the various and diverse population of animals and insects can be very beneficial to your home’s landscaping, so you may want consider adding elements that encourage these creatures to visit your property regularly. Wildlife experts and even local residents have noticed the diminishing numbers of animals in the area, so take steps to protect the natural habitats and keep these creatures here in their native environment.

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One great way to create a landscaping design that will encourage wildlife is to choose a variety of different plants, flowers, and trees. This gives the animals and insects plenty of choices, and allows more space without setting up nests right on top of another species. If your property borders another property, try to set up corridors with shrubs and other greenery that will allow the animals to move freely so they can find food, water, and other necessities.
You may also choose to add a source of water, such as a birdbath or manmade pond, since this will encourage animals to stay in the environment you have created for them. Additionally, if you select trees that bear seeds or fruit, they will have a food source that will help to sustain them as they restore their habits in the natural habitat.

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