Lawn Care, Winter Haven, FL

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Lawn care can be a tough chore on your to-do list, but a green and lush lawn greatly improves the appearance of your property and can be a fun place to spend warm summer days and evenings. If you live in Winter Haven, Florida, climate and environment can play a key role in your lawn care regimen. Since the weather is warm and humid during most of the year, the grass should be a type that can thrive in that type of climate.
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Some types of grasses don’t require a lot of water and are drought-resistant. These are a great choice for the Winter Haven area, since they require less maintenance and are easier on the environment. If you would prefer to completely eliminate lawn care from your responsibilities, you can also choose turf instead of traditional grass. Since Florida receives a lot of moisture, you will want to make sure your lawn has a place for water to run off, which prevents pooling and floods. This is especially important if you choose turf, since it doesn’t have roots or soil to absorb the excess water.
Choose a lawn that will be useful for your family. If you have children who enjoy spending a lot of time outside, running and playing on the lawn, you will want to consider options that are best for high traffic and can withstand the weight. Choosing the right lawn and taking proper care of it are the two best ways to make sure your grass stays green and thrives throughout the seasons.

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