Our team completed a landscaping project for the Polk County Administration Building in Bartow, FL! Our goal for this project was to update and revitalize the landscape for an equally cohesive and beautiful appearance. So, we started by clearing out any existing plants and debris to make way for the new installations. After that, we filled it with plants and mulch, using various ornamental grasses and other shrubs that grow best in our climate, along with pine bark nuggets that complement the landscape. Then, we installed new palm trees to tie everything together and create an appealing look with tropical fixtures. We also completed a nearby sidewalk with concrete pavers and brick.

This Project Started With Clearing Out the Landscape Around the Front & Side of the Building

For this commercial landscaping project, we started by clearing out the existing landscape around the front and side of the Polk County Administration Building. Our crew thoroughly removed any plants, ground cover, and other debris to make way for the new installations before smoothing over the surface. That way, there would be enough space and an even foundation for the updated softscape elements.

After That, We Filled the Empty Landscape With New Plants & Mulch

Updated landscape in Bartow, FL, with new palm trees and plants.

The next step of this project was to fill the empty landscape with new plants and mulch. We installed a variety of different plants and ornamental grasses that thrive in our climate so that they're low-maintenance yet appealing, arranging them neatly throughout the building's surrounding beds. After that, we laid the mulch ground cover, exercising precision and attention to detail to cover them evenly with the proper thickness and provide optimal benefits to the plants. We used pine bark nuggets, which add a refined appearance to the landscape beds while making the plants stand out.

We offer various types of mulches to suit different aesthetics, including pine bark nuggets, pine straw, red, and black.

The Final Step of This Project Was to Install New Palm Trees & Complete the Nearby Sidewalk

Installing the new palm trees and completing a nearby sidewalk was the final step of this commercial landscaping project. We added palms at the front entrance to the building and along the side to complete the landscape with tropical fixtures. We also put wood stakes to support the new palms as they established roots.

Meanwhile, we laid hexagonal concrete pavers and brick along the edges of the nearby sidewalk to elevate its appearance, plus ensure it's durable and built to last. We follow industry processes when installing hardscapes to yield the best results. Once we finished everything. the outcome of this project is a well-planned landscape full of attractive softscape elements that boost the building's curb appeal and overall impression!

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