When our client in Winter Haven, FL, reached out to us, they wanted to upgrade their home's curb appeal with new landscaping, a front patio, and a side driveway. Our team worked with them to understand their goals and design everything accordingly before getting to work on the project's installation phase. We started by constructing the front patio and side driveway using matching pavers to create a cohesive look. Following that, we installed landscape beds lining the front of the house and filled them with mulch and new plants. Finally, we installed sod where we had initially cleared the grass to complete this project. Now our client has space to spend time outside, a beautiful, durable driveway leading up to their garage, and stunning landscaping.

The first step of this project was to construct the front patio and driveway from pavers.

A paver patio in Winter Haven, FL, with surrounding landscaping and sod.

Constructing the front patio and driveway was the first step of this project. We built these hardscapes from matching concrete pavers that we arranged in similar patterns to create a cohesive look between them while ensuring they would stand the test of time; we used a darker gray for the borders and a lighter gray for the rest, which complements the color of our client's house. Our team followed a comprehensive, meticulous installation process so that we laid the pavers correctly to yield optimal results.

We offer numerous materials for patios and driveways, including concrete pavers, flagstone, sandstone, travertine, marble, brick, and more!

Next, we added landscape beds lining the front of the house.

Once we finished constructing the patio and driveway, the next step was to add landscape beds lining the front of the house. We designed the beds to fit into that surrounding space perfectly, and we filled them with new plants that thrive in our climate and mulch to give them a refined appearance. The dark mulch also brings out the colors of the plants, turning them into the center of attention. These softscape elements complement the hardscape additions to cultivate a purposeful, well-planned flow.

We installed sod as the finishing touch to this project.

The final step of this project was to install sod where we initially removed the grass to complete everything, which was along the side of the house, walkway, and the area between the patio and driveway. We used high-quality sod, precisely laying each piece and lining them up so that it looks seamless. That way, we established new, instantly beautiful grass, giving our client's house the finishing touch that ties everything together. With that done, they now boast an elevated curb appeal complete with equally functional and stylish hardscapes and landscaping!

You can choose from our various sod options to suit your preferences, including St. Augustine, bahiagrass, and bermudagrass.

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