When our clients in Lake Wales, FL, reached out to us, they were looking to have their landscape renovated. They already had a gorgeous home, but their backyard area needed some work in order for it to match the beauty of the rest of their home. After meeting with them, we learned that they wanted to surround their pool with landscape beds and walkways to give their property a unique and beautiful appearance, They also wanted to have a pool deck installed around their pool. After listening to their goals, we came up with a plan that they loved, and we moved forward with the project and transformed their outdoor living space into the beautiful oasis that it is today!

The first step of this project was to map out the layout for their poolside landscape.

When we arrived at our client's property to get started on their poolside landscape renovation project, the first thing that we did was map out the layout for their landscape. We decided that we would incorporate two sizable rectangular landscape beds, complemented by eight smaller triangular beds around their pool. Specifically, we opted for one rectangular bed and four triangular beds on each side of the pool, aiming to achieve a symmetrical aesthetic. We decided that we would also install walkways that would separate the beds to enhance the beauty of the property further and make it easier to navigate.

We can create 3D design renderings of projects so you can see how they will look when they're finished before any construction begins!

After we mapped out the layout of this project, we constructed their walkways and pool deck.

Triangular landscape bed and walkways near a pool in Lake Wales, FL.

Once the design phase was completed, we moved forward with the construction of the pool deck and walkways. We used beautiful pavers that complemented the home perfectly and followed a precise installation method to ensure that they not only looked great but also would last for years. The pool deck surrounded the pool and extended out to the steps of an adjacent building. For the walkways, we installed them vertically along the rectangular landscape beds and diagonally between the triangular landscape beds. This unique layout truly enhanced the aesthetic of this spectacular outdoor living space.

The final step of this project was to finish the landscape beds by installing new plants and mulch in them.

Once the construction of the pool deck and walkways was complete, we moved forward with putting the final touch on the landscape beds. We filled them with a beautiful array of ornamental trees and shrubs that were trimmed nicely to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Then, we filled the landscape beds with mulch to further add to their beauty and provide various benefits to the plants. Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the way that this project turned out and love how their already spectacular property was transformed into the breathtaking oasis that it now is.

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