Our team recently completed a palm tree replacement project for a client in Lakeland, FL. This client has a beautiful home, and they had two large palm trees in front of it. However, one of the palm trees was diseased and it needed to be replaced! After visiting their property and confirming the disease, we used our heavy-duty equipment to remove the tree, along with its roots. After that, we used a crane to install a new, healthy palm tree in its place. After the new palm tree was installed, we filled in the hole around it with dirt and cleaned up all of the debris so that their property looked immaculate!

The first step of this project was to remove the diseased palm tree from our client's property.

Diseased palm tree in Lakeland, FL, being removed.

When we arrived at our client's property, the first thing that we did was inspect the palm tree in question to confirm that it was diseased and needed to be removed. After we confirmed that the palm tree needed to be removed, we moved forward with the project. We used heavy-duty equipment to take down the part of the tree right above the ground. Once the majority of the tree was gone, we dug around its roots to remove the rest of it! After we finished completely removing the palm tree, we moved forward with the installation of the next one.

There is no limit to the size of trees that we can remove!

After we removed the diseased palm tree, it was time to install their new, healthy one!

After we removed the diseased palm tree from our client's property in Lakeland, FL, it was time to move forward with the installation of the new one. We brought in the new, healthy palm tree on the back of a large, flatbed truck, and positioned it near the site of where the previous tree had been. Then, we used a crane to lift the new palm tree, and we carefully lowered it into the hole. With the installation of the new palm tree complete, we moved on to the cleanup portion of this project.

The final step of this palm tree replacement project was to clean up the mess!

Once the new, healthy palm tree had been successfully installed in the place where the diseased tree had been, we moved forward with the final step of this project, which was to put the finishing touches on it and clean up the mess. First, we filled the hole around the new palm tree with dirt so that it was firmly secured and looked nice and neat. After that, we cleaned up the remaining mess so that our client's property looked great! Our client loved the way this project turned out and is thrilled that their landscaping matches the beauty of their home!

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